Saleen presented two new cars

Saleen presented two new cars

July 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Newcomers have become a crossover and an electric car. Also at the event was announced the possible revival of the S7 supercar with an engine capacity of about 1500 hp.

While the whole world is discussing the presentation of the new Chevrolet Corvette, Saleen organized an event in Beijing, which showed 2 new cars at once. Saleen is known for its legendary supercar S7, as well as participation in the tuning of famous American cars. 5 years ago, the company moved to the Chinese market – the factory with the planned capacity of 150 thousand cars a year is almost completed. And now the debutant of 2017 – the Saleen S1 sports car – was joined by two more new items. The automaker’s main hope will be the Saleen MAC crossover, a prototype of which was presented last weekend.

At the moment, only 2 parameters of the future novelty are revealed – the engine power will be 400 hp. with a torque of 450 Nm. Plans for this model are very ambitious – the head of the company Steve Salin called it the main competitor of Porsche Macan.

 Saleen MAC production will begin in 2020. But first, the automaker will begin production of the Saleen Maimai electric vehicle. This car has a rather long history called MyCar – its development was made back in 2003. A little later, the rights to it were resold. However, the car did not make it to mass production. Saleen Maimai is by no means an electric vehicle. Its length is only 3 meters, and weight is 1100 kg. Under the hood is an electric motor with a capacity of 109 horsepower. A 35 kW / h battery is used for recharging. This car does not really fit into the model line of the company, but it is he who opens up new spaces in the Chinese car market. Thanks to the creation of electric cars, the Chinese government issues quotas for emissions of substances into the atmosphere, which will help create new powerful cars. The event also showed an updated S7 supercar with a 7-liter engine producing 1,500 hp. At the moment, it is planned to assemble 7 such cars at a plant in California.

Meanwhile, Ferrari has announced the expansion of its line of supercars. The brand is going to use the most advanced technology combined with its exclusivity.