Sainz: We don’t know why the car is so slow

Sainz: We don’t know why the car is so slow

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Friday in Sochi, McLaren had problems with grip and speed, but the team still does not understand the reason.

Lando Norris (11th): “I have problems with the machine – it behaves unstably, so it’s easy to make mistakes. I do not feel as comfortable driving as it was, for example, in Singapore. Between the sessions, we have made progress and will try to solve the problems by tomorrow. ”

Carlos Sainz (17th): “A difficult day – otherwise we would not be so far from the leaders. In the second training session, we tested several settings – maybe they didn’t work, and in the best circles, traffic prevented us.

In any case, it will not be easy for us this weekend, because we can’t achieve traction in the third sector, although it is a bit like the Singapore track. We do not understand why the car is so slow. We still have a few questions and a lot of work in the evening.

Solving balance problems is not easy – we had a whole session, but we could not fix anything. I hope that tomorrow we will be able to take advantage of the fines of our opponents, but now we have such a pace that they will still get ahead of us. We need to speed up. Tomorrow the weather may change – let’s see what happens. ”

Andrea Stella, chief racing engineer: “Intense training. We conducted several aerodynamic tests, estimated the body kit that we brought to Singapore last week, but that track is not suitable for tests. In addition, we had to work with tires for this weekend.

We completed the program without problems and delays, collected a lot of useful information. The downside is that the car is not as fast as in Singapore. We need to make progress in order to compete for points on Sunday. Tomorrow they promise rain, but the collected information will come in handy for us in a race on a dry track. ”