Sainz is the fastest on the sixth day of tests

Sainz is the fastest on the sixth day of tests

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

If the first week of tests passed almost without problems for the strongest teams, then on the second they started to lose time. Cars accumulate distance traveled, there are breakdowns.

On Tuesday, Mercedes lost half the day due to oil leakage and replacement of the power plant, and on Wednesday morning, Sebastian Vettel crashed the car, taking off at the third turn.

The cause of the incident was a suspension failure. There are not always enough spare parts for tests, the restoration of the SF90 took time. The second session was supposed to work out Charles Leclaire, who also lost a few hours the day before due to problems with hydraulics, but he left only in the last minutes of the session. In the second week of tests on the distance traveled Ferrari is still among the outsiders.

Vettel after the accident was sent to a medical center – the hazardous overload sensor worked, but it worked out – the German soon gave an interview, telling about the details of the incident. The evacuation of the car and the restoration of the barrier took forty minutes.

Red flags appeared after stopping the Sainz and Verstappen machines, but this did not affect their schedule – after a short pause, they continued to work.

For the first time this week, Daniel Quat got behind the wheel of the Toro Rosso. Like many, he worked all day long series of circles on the hard rubber, collecting information about the car on the program team. His young partner Alexander Elbon in his days of tests gains experience, and Daniel is working with engineers – his experience is now very important for the team.

At Renault, we worked a lot with aerodynamics, driving circles with a variety of sensors on the toughest C1 tires. In the morning, Daniel Riccardo drove 72 laps, after lunch Nico Hulkenberg continued the same program.

Robert Kubica for the first time in the winter test drove a great distance behind the wheel of Williams. The team is trying to compensate for the time lost last week, so the program had to be reduced. Fortunately, the new car turned out to be reliable, and so far it costs almost no hitches.

The second day in a row at the top of the protocol McLaren racer. Carlos Sainz drove his best lap in 1: 17.144 – this is the best time of the last six days of winter tests. The Spaniard in the leaders of the day and on the distance covered – the new McLaren MCL34 is fast and reliable.

Tomorrow the tests will continue. Most teams will be replaced by racers – and for many it will be the last day of the tests.