Sainz: Everyone wanted to win the champion’s son

Sainz: Everyone wanted to win the champion’s son

April 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The son of authoritative racer Carlos Sainz Jr. understands the difficulties of Mick Schumacher associated with his famous surname.

Carlos Sainz: “Speaking in carting, I felt that I and my results were given special attention, because I am a son. It was not easy at first, then I got used to it and tried to convert this pressure into positive, because my father was a two-time world champion – this helped me to become the best.

Children are arranged differently. In carting, the opponents most of all wanted to win me, like the son of Carlos Sainz, because most likely my father is watching this race – they wanted to impress him. As a child, I did not like it – until the father said: “Either you win, or you”. And I realized that I must always fight with all my might.

I began to act much more aggressively, and my attitude towards me changed – I no longer wanted to seem the most friendly and charming to everyone, I did not want to please everyone – and this helped me add.

In recent weeks, Mika Schumacher has received increased attention, especially after his tests in Formula 1. I understand how he feels. But sometimes media attention even helps. Besides, he has a very good environment. ”