Safnauer: Need more on a fast lap

Safnauer: Need more on a fast lap

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Friday, the Racing Point racers were outside the top ten, but the team are confident that tomorrow they will compete for getting into the qualification finals.

Sergio Perez (13th): “Singapore is always difficult, the heat is very exhausting, but I like it. This track is a real test for riders, it is important to gradually increase speed in each session. We still have a lot of work, but the car should allow us to fight for getting into the finals. It’s good when new products appear, but now we need to analyze a huge amount of information in order to make the right decisions. ”

Lance Stroll (15th): “You will not relax on this track – you need to constantly maintain concentration, and this is not easy in such conditions. We have not yet found a suitable balance, so I was uncomfortable in fast circles. Perhaps a couple of times I drove too close to the fences, but you need to use training to feel the limits of what is possible on the rest of the weekend. There is a lot of work ahead, on Saturday everything needs to be done right. ”

Otmar Safnauer, Team Leader: “A busy day. We tested the news, prepared specifically for this weekend. This is a difficult track in many respects, at first the riders were uncomfortable, but gradually we found the right settings and in the evening on long series of circles everything worked out. On the city highway, qualification is especially important – we need to achieve more in a fast lap. ”