Russian accused of attacking Tesla: Russian authorities knew about me

Russian accused of attacking Tesla: Russian authorities knew about me

September 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Yegor Kryuchkov did not admit his guilt. He faces five years in prison

Russian citizen Yegor Kryuchkov appeared in an American court, where he is accused of trying to organize a cyber attack on Tesla. He refused to plead guilty, but said that the Russian government was aware of his affairs, reports Associated Press. Interestingly, the investigators have never spoken about the possible involvement of Russian officials in Kryuchkov’s activities.

Kryuchkov was arrested in the United States at the end of August this year. According to the investigation, he tried to bribe an employee of an American company to introduce malicious software into its computer network. Then the company’s management planned to blackmail the publication of the stolen classified information.

It soon became known that it was about Tesla, which was indirectly confirmed by Elon Musk, who wrote that it was a serious attack. They managed to catch Kryuchkov thanks to a Tesla employee to whom the Russian offered a bribe: he immediately contacted the security service, and only then the FBI was involved.

Then it became known that Kryuchkov was not acting alone, but as part of a Russian criminal group. A senior cybersecurity officer at a Russian state-owned bank was responsible for creating malicious software in the group, the investigation said.

The court left Kryuchkov until December 1, but the term of imprisonment will probably be extended until the verdict is passed. The prosecutor’s office asks for a Russian citizen for five years in prison and a fine of $ 250,000.