Russell: The team allowed us to fight with Robert

Russell: The team allowed us to fight with Robert

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The pace of the machines Williams does not mean a struggle for points or even just for the position, with one exception – George Russell and Robert Kubica could fight among themselves …

Dave Robson, senior race engineer: “Another hard night in Bahrain. An incredibly strong and very gusty wind was blowing, which seriously hampered the control of the machine – this disturbed everyone. We were largely able to stick to our strategy, both pilots fought each other, especially on the first leg, using DRS to attack and defend.

To the credit of Robert and George, they piloted very well and fought cleanly. As soon as the situation stabilized, we continued to follow our strategy, successfully coped with the task of bringing both cars to the finish line and won back several positions thanks to the gatherings at the end of the race. ”

George Russell (15th): “We know what positions we are currently in, but for me the race was interesting. I had some great battles with Robert, and I am grateful to the team for allowing us to fight. From my point of view, the race was not bad, but to finish the 15th is not too nice. We know that it is far behind, but we were able to finish and learn something. ”

Robert Kubica (16th): “Hard race, but we waited for it. Problems with the balance of the car cool complicated the situation, interfered with a strong wind, but while the tires were new, I drove a few laps, which gave me pleasure. However, I knew what was waiting for us, so I had to take care of the tires and make sure that the FW42 remained on the track, instead of focusing on speed. ”