Russell: It’s not a fact that the features of the Spa will suit the FW42

Russell: It’s not a fact that the features of the Spa will suit the FW42

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Both Williams riders – both Robert Kubica and George Russell – really like the track in Spa, but on the days of the Belgian weekend, reserve driver Nicholas Latifi will also actively participate in the team, who will sit behind the wheel of the FW42 in the first training session on Friday.

Dave Robson, chief racing engineer: “The second half of the season begins in Spa, on one of the legendary Formula 1 tracks. It is distinguished by a very long circle and a variety of high-speed turns combined with long straight lines – all this will most likely allow teams to apply settings when which downforce and drag will be less than in Hungary.

The weather in Spa is often changeable, although judging by the forecasts, it will be surprisingly stable, which again speaks in favor of choosing such settings.

On Friday, Nicholas will join us, for him this is the third training session during the season – it is interesting to know his opinion on how the car has changed since the French stage of the championship, when he piloted it the previous time.

In Budapest, we saw that the team’s results were slightly better. The Friday program in the Spa involves the search for optimal settings, and you also need to find an approach to the tires in order to work with them as efficiently as possible in qualification. ”

Robert Kubica “Spa is a great track, many riders consider it their favorite. According to the characteristics, it is very different from any other route, there are many protracted high-speed turns. This is a unique place where the weather is very changeable, which can also play an important role. ”

George Russell: “The holidays went well, but I already miss the races. It’s great that the first of them after the summer break will be the Grand Prix of Belgium, because I really love this track. The weekend in Hungary was a positive one, we hope that this trend continues. It’s not a fact that the characteristics of the Spa will suit our car, but this remains to be verified. ”

Nicholas Latifi: “I want to quickly go to the track at the first training session at the Spa. After the summer break, I always feel such a desire, because it seems that I have not sat behind the wheel of racing equipment for a long time.

The opportunity to experience the modern Formula 1 car on a track like the Spa is something unbelievable. I did not pilot the FW42 from the June French Grand Prix, and after that the chassis was significantly upgraded. Now it will be a good opportunity to test yourself, and the team will get the opinion of another rider on the direction of development that has been chosen.

As always, my task remains the same: drive as many laps as possible and provide the team with the highest quality information before the second Friday training session. ”