Russell: I like to play on unfamiliar tracks

Russell: I like to play on unfamiliar tracks

October 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

None of the main Williams riders have yet performed at the Rodriguez Brothers circuit, so both are looking forward to the start of the Mexican weekend. True, in 2008, Robert Kubica participated in the demonstration races with BMW Sauber, but this was before the reconstruction of the track.

Dave Robson, chief racing engineer: “The Mexican circuit is located two kilometers above sea level, and there are certain difficulties. Aerodynamics work there less efficiently, so the drag is not so great on long straight lines. There may be problems with cooling the power plant and the brakes, so during the first training session the teams will analyze various possible solutions.

Pirelli will bring to this race an “average” lineup of compositions – the same that was recently used at the Russian Grand Prix. There may be problems with warming up the rubber, especially in the first sessions, but they should be resolved during the weekend. In Suzuka, we worked with the new concept of the front wing and will devote some time to Friday training tests and data collection.

This weekend, Nicholas Latifi will join us – he will have to conduct three workouts in a row. In Mexico City, he will replace Robert, and in Austin, he will drive George’s car. This season, Nicholas is doing an excellent job. We are happy about his return behind the wheel and want to know his opinion on the effectiveness of technical innovations. “

Robert Kubica: “I look forward to a trip to Mexico. More than 10 years ago I had the opportunity to ride on demo runs on the previous configuration of this route, but now I have to get a new experience. This is a unique track, because we perform at a high altitude, and due to the rarefied air, the pressure will be much less. In the first training session I will give up my car to Nicholas, so I will need to quickly get comfortable on the track in the second session. “

George Russell: “We all have a difficult weekend: in Mexico City it is hot, and the circuit is located high above sea level. There is an interesting weekend ahead: I have never performed there, and I always liked unfamiliar tracks. I am ready to accept this challenge and am glad that we will race again. ”