Rowan Atkinson auctioned his Mercedes-Benz 500 E

Rowan Atkinson auctioned his Mercedes-Benz 500 E

April 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The famous British actor Rowan Atkinson loves cars and changes them like gloves. May 25 at the auction Classic Car Auctions will sell his Mercedes-Benz 500 E with a mileage of more than 310 thousand kilometers.

310 thousand! Incredible by modern standards, mileage, because the current estimated resource of Mercedes engines for passenger cars is only 250 thousand km. But in the late 80s – early 90s of the last century, the Mercedes-Benz brand was still considered a mainstay of reliability and durability, motorists with experience of nostalgia recall million-plus engines.

In terms of durability, the E-class in the back of the W124 was a real technical masterpiece, it was adored in Russia, many cars are still alive and drive on our roads. In Europe, the operating conditions are better, and therefore Rowan Atkinson’s Mercedes-Benz 500 E with a mileage of 193,000 miles (310,603 km) looks like new, although in fact its technical condition for all positions is rated as satisfactory, that is, a C grade.

The actor bought this car in 1991 with a new one, drove it for four years, and then sold it. After 23 years, Atkinson decided to recall his youth, found the same 500 E and bought it back. Now sells again – rolled.

The car will be sold by the Classic Car Auctions office, the auction will be held on May 25 at the Warwickshire Exhibition Center, which is located near the resort town of Royal Leamington Spa. The peculiarity of this copy is that it is one of the 29 officially sold in the UK 500 500 E left-handed Mercedes, which also has a rare combination leather interior with checkered fabric inserts.

It is curious that in 2015, Atkinson acquired another similar Mercedes-Benz 500 E from his own hands, but released in 1993. He drove by this car until February 2018, when he sold her a Race Retro Classic Car Sale auction for a modest 71,300 pounds sterling, the mileage at that time was 80,500 km.

Note that the 500 E modification itself is a rarity, many collectors dream of owning it. The car was developed by Mercedes-Benz experts together with colleagues from Porsche and was going to the Porsche plant in Zuffenhausen.

Sportsedan, which was called “a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” is equipped with an atmospheric 5.0-liter V8 with a capacity of 326 hp and can accelerate to 100 km / h in 5.5 seconds – in the early 90s it was one of the fastest four-seater cars in the world. Maximum speed – 260 km / h.