Ross Brown We will be able to spend 18 – 19 races

Ross Brown We will be able to spend 18 – 19 races

April 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Formula 1 sports director Ross Brown said on Sky Sport, that in his opinion the 2020 season will begin in Europe, but it can turn out to be quite full …

Ross Brown: “The main problem is moving teams and participants. But once in place, we can be completely autonomous. We can provide a completely enclosed environment when teams arrive on charter flights and we make sure that everyone passes the tests, that everything is clean and no one risks it.

A race without spectators is not very cool, but still better than no race at all. It must be remembered that millions of fans are sitting at this moment. Many of them are isolated, and if in such a difficult situation we can return the sport to them, we can give joy, this will be a huge bonus. Nor will we put anyone at risk.

We are considering options that can provide the earliest start of the season – and the possibility of continuing it. It makes no sense to start the season, if you then have to pause again. Most likely, the season will begin in Europe. Perhaps the first race will be held without spectators. We have analyzed all the logistics and believe that we can hold 18-19 races if we start in July.

According to the regulations, it is enough to hold eight Grand Prix, so that it was a world championship. Eight Grand Prix, we can hold even if the season begins in October.

Starting in early July, we can spend 19 Grand Prix. It will not be easy, but according to the scheme, three races in a row, one day off and again three races, this is quite possible.

We can shorten the duration of some weekends to two days to ease logistics problems. For example, the Chinese stage will probably be two days, so that we can conduct it – and have time for the next race. “