Ross Brown: We should not be afraid to experiment

Ross Brown: We should not be afraid to experiment

September 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Formula 1 is preparing for radical reforms in 2021, but this does not mean that in 2020 there will be no changes. In particular, we have repeatedly written about the proposal, instead of the usual qualifications, to hold a qualification race on Saturday. But the sports director of the championship, Ross Brown, found it necessary to clarify: all such ideas so far are only experimental in nature.

“Recently, I’ve read various statements made by racers and experts about ideas to make the race weekend brighter,” Brown said. – In order to try to explain the situation and avoid misinterpretations, I will say that there are discussions about conducting experiments in 2020 related to changing the format of qualifications in order to make the race weekend less predictable.

I would like to focus on the word “experiment”, since this is precisely what this is about – conducting a small test to find a direction for further development. We are well aware that the current qualification format is interesting and entertaining, but it is also important to ensure that the race, which is the culmination of the weekend, runs as best as possible. “

According to Brown, the best way to test the effectiveness of the new format is rumored to be about reversing the start order in qualifying races – to conduct an experiment in real conditions: “No matter how much you do in calculations and modeling, the race track remains the most accurate measure.

Formula 1, the team and the FIA ​​are exploring the possibility of revising the format of several stages of the championship next season. In 2020, sports and technical regulations will remain unchanged, and this is an ideal time to conduct such inspections.

No decisions have been made yet, since there is a final revision of all the details, but we have already received mostly positive feedback. I understand that purists may be alarmed, but we should not be afraid to experiment, otherwise there will be no progress.

“We don’t want to carry out reforms just for the sake of the reforms themselves – we want to improve our sport, because, as in the case of modernizing cars, if you stand still, you risk rolling back.”