Ross Brown: Vettel should ask yourself questions

Ross Brown: Vettel should ask yourself questions

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The sports director of Formula 1 Ross Brown ambiguous impressions of the performance of Ferrari at Silverstone.

Ross Brown: “This weekend we saw two sides of Ferrari, and this concerns the performance of the racers and the technical aspect. Charles had a great quick lap in qualifying, having lost some time in the last sector, although the track did not quite fit the SF90 – especially in cool weather.

But in the race Ferrari seriously lost to Mercedes, her car was only the third in speed behind Red Bull Racing. They still have problems with the degradation of tires, which was noticeable on Friday. Although the team has made progress in the course of the weekend, this was not enough to fight for the victory. Now in Maranello must find the reasons and react quickly if they want to stay in the fight for the title.

Sunday was different for riders: Leclair took the podium for the fifth time in the fourth straight race. He performed amazingly and demonstrated his talent in exciting fights. But he said that he was more satisfied with the results of duels with Max Verstappen and Pierre Gusley than with the result of the race.

Vettel had no reason for joy. Beginning with the Canadian Grand Prix, he has been plagued by problems, and at Silverstone the situation has worsened. Unlike Leclair, he was never comfortable behind the wheel – this is evident from his lag in qualifying. Then in the race he was unable to use the safety car. Then he made a mistake by crashing into Verstappen’s car. He immediately realized his mistake, so after the race he quickly found Max and apologized.

Now a difficult period for Vettel – perhaps he is not experiencing the pressure to which he was used, and should ask himself the direction in which to move, because this year his chances to return Ferrari to the top are melting. Sebastian is a terrific racer. This is evident in his achievements, but now he needs to remain calm and rely on the support of the team – I am sure that he feels it. Nowhere drivers are not surrounded by such care and positive energy, as in Ferrari “.