Ross Brown on the outcome of the race in Baku …

Ross Brown on the outcome of the race in Baku …

May 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the pages of the official website of the championship the Formula 1 sports director Ross Brown summed up the results of the stage in Baku

Ross Brown: “Four victorious doubles in the first four races of the season – none of the teams have ever managed to do this. My congratulations to Mercedes – this once again suggests that they did not relax, do not rest on their laurels. Valtteri Bottas did well, having already won two victories and deservedly leading in the championship.

Valtteri was able to add to fight the extraordinary Lewis Hamilton. I know how difficult racers to act on the same team with a really great champion, and Lewis – one of the best whom we have ever seen. This can affect negatively, forcing the rider to perform below their capabilities. To get out of this situation is difficult, for this you need to seriously work on yourself, on your psychology, and Valtteri coped with it. Particularly impressive are his successes in qualifying, where Lewis is always very good.

The fans for the second time in a season called Charles Lecler the “racer of the day”, but like in Bahrain, the young Monegasque probably wanted a more material prize. The accident in the eighth corner cost Charles dearly, and the recognition of the fans was a weak consolation at the end of the weekend, which could bring him at least a podium.

The decision to go in the second part of the qualification on tires Medium was right. On Friday, it turned out that in the long run on tires Soft Mercedes cars are faster. If Charlie managed to get ahead of them in the final qualification – there was such a chance, and in the race to drive a long first stretch to Medium, he could fight for the victory.

Unfortunately for him, everything turned out differently – the third time this year he finished fifth. I’m not sure that he was greatly pleased with the extra point for the best lap, but this weekend he again showed himself to be a racer, able to fight at the top.

There is nothing surprising in the success of Racing Point. Sergio Perez always did everything in Baku, he twice climbed to the podium here, and although this time he finished only sixth, he had a great race, becoming “the best of the rest.”

His partner Lance Stroll earned points in each of the three races held in Baku, and in 2017 he rose to the podium. This team deserves a lot of respect, in 2019 they demonstrate again – it’s not what you spend that matters, but what it matters. Now the team has a stronger financial base, but the infrastructure remains the same – these are the same people that surprised us in previous years. They still do an excellent job with their work, often ahead of teams with much larger staff like Renault and McLaren.

For Renault, the beginning of the season was not easy. Last year they finished the season in fourth place and hoped to achieve more, even more reducing the gap with the top three, but after four races they have a lot of meetings and only two seventh places. They are behind not only Alfa Romeo with Ferrari and Racing Point engines with a Mercedes engine, but also behind McLaren with the same Renault powerplant.

Both Renault riders do not feel confident in the car, especially Daniel Ricardo. I know people in this team, they work rolling up their sleeves and will do everything to reduce the backlog. Then the struggle of the teams of the middle group will become even more dense and interesting. ”