Ross Brown: Leckler’s impulsiveness cost him dearly

Ross Brown: Leckler’s impulsiveness cost him dearly

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Monaco, Ferrari achieved the best result of the season, partly due to a lucky coincidence. Sebastian Vettel finished second, taking advantage of the Max Verstappen penalty. Charles Leclaire tried to recoup after a team error in qualifying, but for him everything ended in an accident and a meeting. Sports Director of Formula 1 Ross Brown said that the team should draw conclusions from the mistakes.

Ross Brown: “LeClair very spectacularly drove the first few laps of the race, but then he went too far and his impulsivity cost him dearly. However, his reaction can be understood. This is his home race, and he first appears in it in the top team. This weekend was supposed to be special for him, but it all ended in disrepair.

After the problems on Thursday at a training session on Saturday, he headed the protocol of the session. But then he literally got a slap in the face when Ferrari made a miscalculation in the strategy in the first part of the qualification – according to Mattia Binotto, the team made a mistake in the calculations – and Charles stayed in 16th place. His starting position led to the fact that on Sunday he overdid it.

The weekend turned out to be difficult for Ferrari, although in the end they achieved the best result of the season. At the end of the race, Sebastian Vettel rose to second place, but did not play a key role in it: he was always following Max Verstappen and could not impose a fight on him.

Ferrari really ranked third in speed this weekend. This was to be expected after what we saw in Barcelona, ​​when they had problems with the car on the third sector of the Spanish highway. Apparently, this season will not be the year of Ferrari, but it is not yet time to give up – they must draw conclusions from mistakes in order to move forward. ”