Rosberg Ferrari has serious problems with aerodynamics

Rosberg Ferrari has serious problems with aerodynamics

April 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The world champion 2016 Nico Rosberg commented on the results of the race in China and expressed doubt that in the Ferrari in the near future will be able to impose the fight Mercedes.

Nico Rosberg: “Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix in the dominant style. Bottas finished second, Vettel was the third in speed. Because of the strategy, Charles Lecler had no chance to finish fourth. Max Verstappen had a great race, ahead of one of the cars Ferrari. In addition, he is much faster partner.

Daniel Riccardo had a good race. Finally, he proved himself in Renault, ahead of Nico in qualifying and in the race. Daniel made a great, but the problem is that Renault is far behind the leaders. It’s unbelievable how much they lose. The team will have to work hard to reduce this lag.

Kimi Raikkonen made a good impression on me. He had a good race and brought Alfa Romeo some points. Alex Elbon is named “Racer of the Day.” The young pilot must draw attention to himself, and that is what he does. Elbon finished tenth after starting from the pit lane and spent a lot of overtaking, and his partner again had an accident. I can not say that in what happened Kvyat is 100% guilty, but he ran into rivals.

I consider Mercedes favorites of the championship. They are very strong, and Ferrari has serious problems with aerodynamics. Their car lacks downforce in corners, so they lose so much.

In China, they tried to increase downforce due to the rear wing, but they do not have such a large wing – it is only to be produced. But only at the expense of the rear wing they will not solve their problems. With it, you can increase downforce, but increase drag. They need to modify the front wing, side pontoons and much more to increase downforce, but it does not increase frontal resistance.

The team has a lot of work, which will take a lot of time. Now their car is fast on direct, but will they have chances in Baku? I doubt, because on this route there are a lot of slow turns, in which they will lose time.

It is very difficult to assume on which highway Ferrari will get an advantage. We’ll see, but at the moment the situation is such that the racers of Mercedes will be ahead at all stages, even in Barcelona. I hope that Ferrari will be able to reverse the situation, because we all want to see the intense struggle, as it was in Bahrain. I hope they will come back. ”