Roman Grosjean: This time we made the tires work

Roman Grosjean: This time we made the tires work

May 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The second training session in Spain, the Haas drivers finished in the top ten. The team dealt with aerodynamic innovations and this time they managed to get the tires to work.

Roman Grosjean (6th): “Good day. I think both cars are well managed. We made the tires work, the car was fast, so driving was more fun. We continue to evaluate new products and hope to get more out of them. It is always difficult to immediately find the optimal settings when you get updates.

The most important thing that today managed to get the tires to work – and the car immediately became completely different. I enjoyed piloting – I knew that we would succeed. Tires provided grip, they did not slip and did not destroy themselves. The differences are colossal. It is a pity that we had to spend so much effort to rubber earned, but it is obvious that we need to continue to add.

We need to do more, especially for the stages in Monaco and Canada, but two good sessions in Barcelona showed that the problem was not in the chassis, but in working with tires. The day turned out to be positive, I liked to fly, and I am sure that we will add more. “

Kevin Magnussen (6th): “Two good free practice sessions. The car was well managed, but you should not think that it was not good enough in other workouts during the season. I think we should remain cautious in our expectations. It seems that the speed in the long series of circles is higher than in the previous stages, and this is positive.

We must continue to work. It is necessary to understand why the car looked better today – understanding the reasons will help us in the future.

By car Romana today were new, while I worked with the same specification as during the whole season – we were able to conduct a direct comparison, having received information in the same conditions and at the same time. I think everything went well, but we still have to adjust the settings. We saw exactly what we expected, and that’s good. ”

Gunter Steiner, team leader: “Obviously, today’s workouts are better than in Baku, but we still have to deal with the new aerodynamic bodywork. It seems that the speed that was at the beginning of the season has returned to us.

I now say the obvious thing – it’s all about tires. If we manage to make the tires work, if we bring them to the right temperature, then we are all right. We will focus on preparing for the qualification and the race, we will try to make the most of this speed “.