Rolls-Royce updated two-dimensional logo

Rolls-Royce updated two-dimensional logo

August 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Rolls-Royce joins an ever-growing group of brands that fought for a “new brand identity” in the 1920s. Therefore, the British are also rethinking logos and their use.

It is becoming a real trend for car brands to redefine their logos. Under the guise of a “new brand identity,” which is, above all, a good marketing campaign, the manufacturer tends to become increasingly digital-oriented. For example, we have seen the new 2D logo on Volkswagen, BMW and Nissan vehicles.

Rolls-Royce is now following this trend. The double R is now also flatter, not always framed or accompanied by the brand name. This logo will retain its famous place on cars, although the Spirit of Ecstasy will now play a more prominent role.

The well-known image, which can always be found on the nose of Rolls-Royce cars, will become the “digital logo” of the British company and will appear more on the brand’s products. A new version has been specially drawn, which, moreover, is “more 2D” than before. On Rolls-Royce social media, the brand now uses this Spirit of Ecstacy as its main logo.

In addition, future vehicles of the brand will display the RR logo on screens, followed by visualizations representing the Spirit of Ecstasy in an abstract form. An “important” detail: from now on, Spirit of Ecstacy always looks to the right, indicating that the brand is “looking to the future.”