Rolls-Royce unveils first collectible model of the new decade

Rolls-Royce unveils first collectible model of the new decade

August 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Dawn Silver Bullet Convertible Dedicated To ‘Roaring 1920s’

Rolls-Royce has shared photos of the first collectible car of the new decade – the Silver Bullet Dawn Convertible. The 50-car series is dedicated to the Roaring Twenties, described as an era of frivolity, recklessness and audacity – but the differences between Silver Bullets and the regular Dawn boil down to distinctive looks and interior decor.

There are not so many visual differences from the usual Rolls-Royce Dawn at “Silver Bullets”. They are finished in Brewster Silver Ultra Metallic and are equipped with optional Aero Cowling fairings for the rest of the convertibles, which give the model a swiftness and make it look like a roadster. The rear seat pad is made of aluminum and CFRP plus a titanium windscreen that has been liquid honed for a smooth finish.

The collectors’ edition authors point out that they drew inspiration from pre-war roadsters and historical Rolls-Royce models with the word “silver” in the name: Silver Dawn, Silver King, Silver Silence, Silver Specter – just a few of them. The new Dawn Silver Bullet is presented as a modern interpretation of classic open sports cars – “sophisticated yet exhilarating.”

At the same time, no changes were announced in the technique. Under the hood of the regular Dawn is a V12 6.6 engine with two turbochargers, developing 571 horsepower and 820 Nm of torque. On the “rebellious” version of the Black Badge, the same unit produces 601 hp and 840 Nm.

And a month and a half earlier Rolls-Royce had unveiled the Wraith Kryptos Collection mystery car. It was born thanks to the passion of the Bespoke branch designer Katherine Lehman for cryptography and received a decor in which a secret message is encrypted to its owners. Only two people know what it is: Lehmann and Rolls-Royce CEO Thorsten Müller-Otvos. The circulation of the “cryptographic” two-door is also 50 copies.