Rolls-Royce showed an exclusive collection in pastel colors

Rolls-Royce showed an exclusive collection in pastel colors

August 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Cars with special body shades were created specifically for Car Week in Monterey.

The special series, which the British brand created for Pebble Beach, received the talking name “Pastel Collection”. It included Rolls-Royce Ghost, Dawn and Wraith, each of which was painted in one of the stylish pastel shades: pale green, salmon pink and light yellow. According to the manufacturer, these colors were inspired by the nature of Pebble Beach with its hills, pearl sands and, of course, the sea.

So, Ghost got a light green color, which, among other things, received a symbolic interpretation. It recalls the revival of flora on the peninsula after several dry years and a fire. The interior of the car is dominated by the shade of Serenity Green, and the black upholstery works in contrast with it.

 The elegant Dawn Convertible appears before us in the light pink Coral Solid. To achieve such a stylish and unusual shade, the manufacturer did not spare seven layers of paint and nine hours of hard polishing. But in the cabin reigns a duet of arctic white and orange skin. Real impressionism on wheels! Rolls-Royce Wraith was painted in a shade called “Semaphore Yellow”, and its interior was decorated using the colors “Selby Gray” and “Lemon”.