Rolls-Royce presented another teaser for the updated Ghost

Rolls-Royce presented another teaser for the updated Ghost

August 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video teaser for the updated Rolls-Royce Ghost released by the British automaker tells us about the car’s “simple” suspension design. The debut of new items is scheduled for this fall.

The teaser campaign, which is dedicated to the British sedan Rolls-Royce Ghost, continues. We have already seen the silhouette of the updated car, as well as elements of its new design, which the manufacturer calls minimalist. The second teaser was mostly about Rolls-Royce buyers wanting something more discreet in terms of looks and less pretentious from the Ghost sedan.

The third of four teasers has now been released, focusing on the technical underpinnings of the new luxury vehicle.

As in the previous videos, it talks about fairly “simple” solutions and a “simple” design. By reviewing and re-viewing the above teaser, we suspect that Ghost’s development isn’t easy at all. Actually, the teaser itself “speaks” about this just 13 seconds after the voice of the phrase “perfection in simplicity.” It is then that a voiceover announces that creating an incredible driving experience for the new Ghost will be “a very difficult task.”

We are told that the automaker’s engineers spent three years developing only the suspension. Called the Planar system, this suspension has an upper wishbone damper with front cameras for road monitoring. It also uses GPS data to more accurately predict suspension setup. The result is a predictive / reactive suspension that is both comfortable and dynamic.

We’ve also been told that the new Ghost car will have all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, and as the automaker points out, each Rolls-Royce model will be built on its own platform. In fact, previous teasers have said that the only elements carried over from the current version of the model are the umbrellas stowed on the doors and the Spirit of Ecstasy statuette adorning the false radiator grille. Rolls-Royce will unveil the all-new Ghost in fall 2020.

A couple of days ago, the press service of the company published another teaser for the updated Rolls-Royce Ghost as part of its advertising campaign. The press service of the British brand has published a new teaser for the updated version of the executive sedan Ghost. It is reported that the car will be “future-oriented” and will receive minimal aesthetic changes. The debut of new items is expected in the coming months.