Rolls-Royce introduced special versions of Wraith and Dawn

Rolls-Royce introduced special versions of Wraith and Dawn

April 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Rolls-Royce introduced a limited edition Adamas, which included the Wraith and Dawn models in a special version

The company Rolls-Royce introduced a special series of cars called Adamas. It includes 40 models of Wraith Black Badge and 30 Dawn Black Badge in a special version. The novelty became the first in the history of cars Black Badge with a two-tone body. The cars received a corporate figure “Spirit of Ecstasy”, which is made of 294 layers of carbon fiber used in the aerospace industry.

The clock in the cabin is encrusted with 88 black diamonds, which form the sign of infinity. On the ceiling is an interpretation of the diamond theme in “Starry Sky”, which consists of 1340 fiber optic elements. Also cars differ matte instrument panel from metal and special engraving on thresholds.

Previously, Rolls-Royce introduced a special version of the Wraith coupe called the Luminary Collection. The body of the car is covered with the Sunburst Gray paint, which according to the company’s plan should repeat the shade of the dawn. On the front wings of the car there is a stylized drawing depicting the rays of the sun.

The interior of the car was trimmed with oak and 176 LEDs for lighting. For the first time the coupe received a special ceiling coating with the effect of a falling star. To do this, engineers used 1340 glowing fiber optic elements. For the creation of the coating takes about 20 hours of manual work.