Rolls-Royce introduced new logos and corporate color

Rolls-Royce introduced new logos and corporate color

August 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British brand has revealed a new corporate logo, which is set in a new font and received different colors. According to the press release, the colors should convey a sense of “royalty and prosperity.” The classic RR monogram remains the same.

Rolls-Royce no longer considers itself a car maker, but rather a “luxury home”. To align with this new philosophy, the company revised its logos and symbols to “present a more modern and accurate reading of the philosophy.” The British carmaker wants to attract more young customers because the average age of buyers is now just 43.

The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy will play a more prominent role in Rolls-Royce’s new branding plan.

A simplified version of the female figure will appear on the company’s models. The drawing will always look to the right because that will obviously make her look to the future.

“The use of Spirit of Ecstasy marks a shift in brand resonance – from an automotive context to a lifestyle,” said Marina Viller, a luxury brand spokesperson. “She has an inspiring quality in luxury and puts her at the center of our new style of decor. The spirit of Ecstasy can now be interpreted as a muse for the brand in addition to the cars themselves. “

Rolls-Royce will also use a new signature color called Purple Spirit, and you’ll often see it with a metallic rose gold undertone. The rebranding team believes the two shades convey a sense of royalty and prosperity.

The brand name will also look a little different. It is now in Riviera Nights, which is similar to the previous Gil Sans Alt font. The letters now have more beveled edges and the company also believes Rolls and Royce has a greater emphasis on the letter “R”.

One thing that doesn’t change is the double R monogram, which “represents the history of Rolls and Royce.” You will see a new face for the Rolls-Royce brand starting in September – the first model to receive the company’s new signature elements will be the next generation Ghost sedan. Which will debut on September 1st.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the new Rolls-Royce Ghost will receive “starlight” on the front panel. The new generation of British luxury sedan Rolls-Royce Ghost will be unveiled very soon. One of the chips will be the presence on the front panel of the inscription Ghost, which will be surrounded by more than 850 “stars”, the glow of which imitates 150 LEDs.