Rolls-Royce introduced a long wheelbase version of the Ghost

Rolls-Royce introduced a long wheelbase version of the Ghost

September 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has introduced the new Ghost Extended, offering even more rear passenger space without sacrificing dynamic capabilities.

The novelty exactly meets the needs of the new generation of Rolls-Royce customers, most of whom are entrepreneurs. They needed a car that they could drive with a driver to business meetings on weekdays and drive independently on weekends, enjoying an atmosphere of serenity and comfort. The brand’s engineers have embodied these wishes in the new Ghost Extended, the press service of the brand told AutoTimesNews. First deliveries to customers will begin in the fourth quarter of 2020

Compared to the classic Ghost, the Extended version offers an additional 170mm, providing more rear legroom than any four-seat sedan except the Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended. Customers did not want to deviate from the laconic design and minimalist aesthetics of the Ghost, so the designers of the brand tried to disguise the increased overall length: they expanded only the rear doors and body panels of doorways, while maintaining a harmonious silhouette of the car.

The suite of rear seat innovations reflects the flexible nature of the Ghost Extended. Serenity reclining seats can now be ordered as an option, opening up a new dimension of comfort, comparable to that of a business jet.

A champagne fridge is installed between the rear seats, and the engineers consulted with sommeliers to design it. Thus, experts have taken into account that the optimal temperature for serving non-vintage champagne is about six degrees Celsius, and vintage – about 11 degrees. Accordingly, the cooling compartment operates in two modes, lowering the temperature to 11 or 6 degrees.

Ghost is the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce to date. Most owners of Ghost Extended are entrepreneurs, and they value access to Wi-Fi and the latest infotainment systems. However, the technology features have been carefully thought out and filtered so they don’t become distractions and disturb the overall serenity.

The principle of creating a protected space also applies to the microclimate in the cabin. So, Ghost is equipped with an innovative environment purification system (MEPS). The system uses highly sensitive impurity detection sensors that analyze the quality of the ambient air. If the level of pollutants exceeds the permissible value, the sensors automatically switch the air intake to recirculation mode. In this case, the air is passed through a nanofleece filter, which can clean it in less than two minutes, removing almost all ultra-small particles and bacteria from the cabin.

Technological solutions in the new Ghost Extended ensure driving pleasure in both urban and suburban environments. The model is equipped with laser headlights with a lighting range of over 600 meters, as well as innovative security systems, including the Vision Assist system, which warns of animals or pedestrians on the road in the daytime or at night; Alertness Assistant system, which analyzes driver fatigue; monitoring system with four cameras, providing panoramic view of the vehicle, all-round view and aerial view; active cruise control; collision warning system Collision Warning; Cross-Traffic Warning system, warning about objects out of sight; Lane Departure and Lane Change Warning systems, which warn of a lane change without a turn signal turned on. The advanced high-resolution head-up display on the windshield (7×3) and automatic parking aid are designed to ensure absolute ease and ease of movement in all conditions.

The Ghost Extended is built on the patented ‘Luxury Architecture’ aluminum platform, which is used in all new Rolls-Royce models. The new Planar suspension delivers legendary carpet ride comfort. The Planar system includes continuously variable adaptive electronically controlled dampers, self-leveling air struts, and the world’s first upper wishbone damper. It took about ten years to develop this innovative technology, first used in a production vehicle. In addition, Ghost Extended introduces four-wheel drive and full-steering chassis for the first time.

Under the hood of the model is a 6.75-liter twin-turbo engine specially designed for the Ghost. The power unit develops 571 hp. power and 850 Nm of torque. More than 100 kilograms of sound-absorbing materials are placed in the chassis, body architecture and tires, providing the signature silence in the cabin and a sense of absolute peace.

Concise, perfect design is the result of painstaking work of engineers and the use of complex techniques. For example, elegant interior elements and body panels are created using 3D printing technologies. Rolls-Royce pioneered the use of this technology in the manufacture of a car, combining engineering design and manual assembly.

The electron beam melted metal components are welded to the paint-ready Ghost Extended body, while the multi-jet and selective laser sintered components are individually customized at the Rolls-Royce factory.

The changes also affected the manual finishing. Two new veneers have been developed specifically for Ghost: Obsidian Ayous, inspired by a rich palette of lava rocks, and Dark Amber, embellished with small particles of aluminum in the wood pattern. Both veneers are available in the open pore version, without varnish. Thus, the natural texture of the wood is emphasized.