Rolls-Royce focuses on luxury over modern technology

Rolls-Royce focuses on luxury over modern technology

September 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Rolls-Royce remains firmly committed to luxury over new technology, a British brand spokesman said.

With the recent debut of the second-generation Ghost luxury sedan, which received the familiar Rolls-Royce interior with lots of physical buttons and switches, it became clear that the British automaker is taking a slightly different approach to its model interiors than the one that created the all-new Mercedes-Benz interior. S-class with its abundance of touch screens.

Speaking to a foreign publication, the chief designer of one of the divisions of the British automaker Alex Innes said that it is very important for Rolls-Royce to carefully study the new technologies that it introduces in its models.

“We are not always the first to equip our models with innovative technologies, and for good reason. Technology is very important to us, ”Innes said. “Digitalization provides phenomenal opportunities and will expand our ability to personalize the machine at the request of the client. We have never done anything just for the sake of using technology, but we can design it to match our brand and what it represents. Rolls-Royce should be a refuge from life’s distractions. It is our responsibility to apply technology within the norm. “

Mr Innes added that the reason cars like the Phantom and Ghost use analog controls rather than touchscreens with haptic feedback is simply because they are easier to use.

As for the new Ghost, just because it doesn’t have an abundance of high-resolution touchscreens doesn’t mean it’s not a modern car. In fact, it is equipped with the most technologically advanced suspension, which uses cameras to detect road smoothness and prepares the suspension for changes in the road surface.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote about Rolls-Royce introducing new logos and corporate color. The British brand has revealed a new corporate logo, which is set in a new font and received different colors. According to the press release, the colors should convey a sense of “royalty and prosperity.” The classic RR monogram remains the same.