Rolls-Royce customers are increasingly abandoning drivers

Rolls-Royce customers are increasingly abandoning drivers

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Even one of the oldest manufacturers of luxury cars, such as Rolls-Royce, can not resist change.

The best example is the fact that the brand last year released its first SUV Cullinan.

Now more and more owners drive a car themselves and less often resort to the help of a hired driver. Previously, absolutely everyone went to the Rolls-Royce cars with drivers, because the very fact of acquiring this car suggested that driving on one’s own was not cool.

The transition to the modern mood was adopted by the company itself. The CEO told the Australian media that the owners really began to abandon the private driver and drive the cars themselves.

In recent years, the Rolls-Royce client base has grown significantly. A smaller share of the cars that the company sells are intended for drivers, with the exception of the Phantom with an increased wheelbase. All other models are purely driving cars. Times really change and not run away from it.

Rolls-Royce actively seeks to attract young buyers. This can be said “automaker’s new income”, because now all the average buyers of Rolls-Royce for forty years. Young, independent and active owners love to drive a car without any help. In particular, if they have at their disposal such a machine as the Black Badge line or the two-door model Wraith or even Cullinan.