Rolls-Royce and fashion house Hermès create unique Phantom for Japanese wheelie

Rolls-Royce and fashion house Hermès create unique Phantom for Japanese wheelie

May 2, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has unveiled the Phantom Oribe, which they created in collaboration with fashion house Hermès.

The hand-designed and handcrafted vehicles reflect the character and passions of its customer, Japanese entrepreneur and collector Yusaki Maezawa. The model received a two-tone body, inspired by the green and light beige antique Japanese ceramics in the Oribe style, which Maezawa collects.

The upper part of the Phantom is finished with Oribe Green, which was specially designed for the customer. The company also shared paint with the customer so that he could paint his private jet to match the car. It took several months to develop this shade. The lower part is cream-colored.

The interior is trimmed with Hermès leather, which has adorned the steering wheel, gear lever, upper dashboard, center console, glove compartment, trunk and sparkling wine compartment.

Headrests and padded rear legrests with Hermès piping. Shell colored rugs created with lambswool. Rolls-Royce Bespoke inherits speaker grilles, which are made of open-celled royal walnut wood and are integrated into the upholstery of the door.

The same type of wood is used for the treatment of the center and rear consoles, as well as folding tables. Upholstered door armrests, center console, rear console and headliner in Toile H fabric from Hermès.

Another interesting feature is the front panel, which recreates the composition based on the work of the famous French artist and illustrator Pierre Peron (1905-1988), who created many legendary scarf designs for Hermès. This composition, inspired by the famous Hermès equestrian motifs, is painted on an open-pored royal walnut tree.