Rolls-Royce also plans to launch a flying taxi

Rolls-Royce also plans to launch a flying taxi

July 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In addition to Uber, Airbus, Volocopter and Kitty Hawk Cora, about which we previously told in our news, the development of unmanned flying taxis leads a dozen different technology and aircraft manufacturing companies. And this list is constantly updated with new names. Now its plans for this rapidly developing segment are designated by the famous British luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce.

The concept of the aircraft presented by the British against the backdrop of competing developments is primarily distinguished by a design. It will be a plane with vertical flight and landing EVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing), designed to carry four or five passengers. The possibility of vertical take-off and landing virtually anywhere will be provided by the design of the wing, which will rotate by 90°. Screws on the wing are planned to be folded and cleaned completely, as soon as the device reaches the required height so that in the horizontal flight mode the resistance and noise are minimal. In this mode, the propellers will be the screws on the tail empennage. In total, plans to install six screws.

Rolls-Royce develops its flying taxi as a hybrid, not completely electric. The electromotors will receive the energy necessary for the rotation of the screws from a 500 kW generator connected to a gas turbine M250 engine.

It is worth noting that the LA Rolls-Royce is designed to deploy the services of a flying taxi, and not for personal use.

The hybrid power plant is not so environmentally “clean”, although this issue of ecology is quite complex in itself, and in this case the advantage is very doubtful given the negative impact from the production and disposal of batteries, but this approach allows using the existing infrastructure and provides the device with a much longer range flight. In particular, the figure is 800 km. The maximum speed is indicated at 400 km/h.

The Rolls-Royce expects to turn its EVTOL concept into a real flying taxi in the first half of the next decade. The manufacturer separately emphasizes that most of the technologies necessary for this are already available, and the remaining ones are already halfway to commercialization.