Roewe showcases Marvel-R concept

Roewe showcases Marvel-R concept

May 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese manufacturer, which once started selling models that fully or partially use the technology of European Rover, will soon release a second high-tech model: the Marvel-R concept.

Late last month, we showed the first images of the Roewe R-Aura Concept, a preview of an all-electric flagship with a surprisingly streamlined body. The second concept rookie that Roewe introduces in a short time is the Marvel-R concept. Unlike the R-Aura Concept, this is not an SUV, but a sedan. In addition, this overpriced car looks a bit more ready for production than the R-Aura.

Since this Marvel-R is still a conceptual model, Roewe fills it with amazing technology and details. For example, the car received a blue highlight around, and even R-emblems and wheels with wheel arches are highlighted in blue. The headlights, which are connected to each other like taillights, are equipped with matrix LED technology.

The overall design of Marvel-R is not so shocking. In fact, the car as a whole is similar to the Marvel X SUV introduced to the world in 2018. By the way, Roewe also has a good area for gadgets. For example, Marvel-R, like its concept brother, is equipped with “recessed” door handles, also has a 5G connection and should be able to drive level 3 semi-autonomously.

Roewe has not yet published specific information about the Marvel-R engine range, although, as reported by, this conceptual model is also equipped with an all-electric power plant.