Robotaxi will save the Californians from hunger

Robotaxi will save the Californians from hunger

April 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Chinese startup, which authorities have forbidden to carry passengers, is launching an off-line grocery delivery service in California. Ten Hyundai unmanned vehicles will be able to fulfill up to 700 orders per day without exposing customers to the risk of coronavirus infection.

Last year, launched a robotici service in Irvine, California, in partnership with Hyundai: South Korean cars were equipped with unmanned startup technology. It was possible to call the car through the application, while the service was completely free – so the developers collected information about the behavior of passengers. Unlike Waymo, the driver was a driver who could take control if necessary. However, quarantine, introduced in California in March, put an end to trials.

Now that the fleet of ten Hyundai unmanned vehicles does not stand idle, has refitted food delivery machines and entered into a partnership agreement with Yamibuy, an Asian e-commerce company that sells mainly food, drinks and cosmetics.

As soon as the client places an order on the site, an autonomous car picks up the parcel and delivers it to the client. He can pick her up from the trunk or ask the operator sitting in the cabin to leave her at the door. According to a startup representative, can deliver from 500 to 700 orders a day, CNBC writes.

Cooperation of this kind will allow to obtain the necessary experience and data for further training of the autopilot, as well as improve the reputation of drones in quarantined Americans.

Chinese drone manufacturer EHang conducted tests of its VTOL in Guangxi province in early March. A cargo-modification unmanned vehicle successfully delivered medicines to the landing site of a local hospital, four kilometers from the launch point, and automatically returned.