Roborace series abandoned the idea of ​​completely unmanned racing

Roborace series abandoned the idea of ​​completely unmanned racing

November 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the racing series, the racer and the autopilot will take turns

he organizers of the racing series Roborace changed the concept of the championship. Now the first half of the race will go racer, the second – the autopilot.

Initially, it was assumed that racing electric cars would be completely unmanned: at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, they even showed a Robocar prototype without a place for the driver, designed by Daniel Simon, the author of futuristic cars for the films Tron: Heritage and Oblivion.

The first test season starts in the spring of 2019. Robo-mob races will be held within one weekend with some stages of the “electric” Formula-E championship.

All participants will use the same electric cars created on the basis of a Devbot 2.0 prototype machine. She, in turn, is based on the sport prototype Ginetta class LMP3.

“Combat” machines will differ slightly from the experienced ones — with aerodynamic tail, electronics, and powertrain (with rear-wheel drive, not all-wheel drive).

The head of Roborace and Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi explained the decision to change the format in this way: “Initially, we wanted to arrange races between fully robotic machines. But in the end they decided that it would be much clearer if the racer gets out of the car at the pit stop and she continues the race without him. So it will be better to see the difference between human and automatic driving. In addition, I believe that motor racing must have a human component. After all, racing has always been a competition between people and cars! ”

Di Grassi said that now six or seven cars are being built, and the developers continue fine-tuning the software so that the race cars can compete with each other.

The next two racing season will be held in test mode, and a full launch is scheduled for 2021. Then prepare a new version of the machine: according to Di Grassi, it will be something between a unmanned Robocar and an experienced Devbot. The future car should receive four electric motors with a total power of about 1,300 horsepower, which drives all the wheels.

Di Grassi said that two teams have already signed a contract to participate in the first season, and Roborace will publish a calendar soon.

All logistics and machine maintenance, as well as the creation of an open software platform, is Roborace’s area of ​​responsibility. And the teams will deal with the behavior algorithms on the race track.