Roborace race cars are shown

Roborace race cars are shown

May 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Already this summer, the first Roborace Championship will be held, in which unusual racing cars will compete. Unusual because they are unmanned electric race cars. Trails specially equipped for these races are located in Europe and the USA.

The organizers of the Roborace racing series, in which, as the name implies, robots will participate, more specifically, autonomous driving electric cars, showed photos of the contestants.

It is reported that the race cars, which received the electric power plant, received the designation DevBot 2.0. It is noteworthy that the race will be held in conjunction with the Formula-E race – the competition of electric cars that are piloted by people.

All Roborace members will receive technically identical models. And it will be possible to win with the help of a change in the software – each team will be given the right to add its own algorithms to the model card given to them.

In fact, Roborace can not be called a race in the usual sense. If usually, the success of a team depends entirely on the pilot’s skill and on the skills of the staff, then in this kind of racing, algorithms that allow unmanned electric cars to carefully drive around all fences and be the first to reach the finish line will be crucial. According to the current rules of the Roborace race, the first half of the race will actually be overcome with the help of remote control, and the second – due to the “autopilot”.

It is reported that all models DevBot 2.0 will be equipped with four electric motors, the total power of which is equal to 1300 horsepower. Overclocking from 0 to 100 km / h will take about three seconds.