Robodog Spot recruited by the police

Robodog Spot recruited by the police

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Massachusetts police were the first law enforcement agency to rent a robot from Boston Dynamics under the Early Adopter program. He has already managed to prove himself in two incidents.

From August to November, the Massachusetts Police Department hired Spot robots from Boston Dynamics. According to the BBoston radio station WBUR, the agreement between the company and the police said that the robots would be used “to assess the capabilities of law enforcement operations, in particular, to remotely inspect potentially dangerous premises in which suspects might be located.”

Despite the fact that Spot was handed over to the Massachusetts police only for testing, he participated and showed himself in two “incidents”, the details of which law enforcement officials did not disclose. They only emphasized that the agreement with Boston Dynamics does not allow robots to cause physical harm or even threaten a person. The police confirmed that the terms of the contract were not violated.

Previously, the company announced the start of serial production of Spot robots, and then began to lease them through the Early Adopter program, which requires the client to comply with certain conditions. If contract clauses are violated, Boston Dynamics may terminate the agreement and pick up the robot.

Today, the Massachusetts State Police is the only law enforcement or military organization with which Boston Dynamics collaborates, BI notes.

In October, a prototype of a robot tank, the RTD platform of the British company BAE Systems, was presented at an exhibition of military equipment. The tracked combat robot is equipped with a 30-mm gun mount with remote control.