Robocars instead of postmen. This is not a fantasy, it is a reality!

Robocars instead of postmen. This is not a fantasy, it is a reality!

November 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In Norway, robots will soon deliver mail: in a test mode, such a device on wheels is already working in Consberg. It looks like … a large mailbox, but runs along the roads rather confidently.

Robotman – the development of the American-Norwegian company Buddy Mobility. The giant box on wheels is able to move at a speed of 6 km / h and daily serve up to one hundred recipients. Engineers of Buddy Mobility say that in a world where everyone e-mails, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., traditional paper mail is just a relic of the past. And therefore there is no better way to optimize the postal service than using a robot to deliver your letters and packages. Soon, residents of Norway will be able to see this, thanks to a deal between the Norwegian postal service Posten-Norge and the company that developed the robot postman.

It works like this: Posten robots send customers a notification on a smartphone through the application. The recipient indicates the time, and by this time the mobile is already waiting for them near the house. Then the recipient enters a certain code and gets exactly his letter or parcel post. After that, the robot returns to the nearest distribution center for recharging and the next batch of mail.

More than 5.2 million people live in Norway, and it’s unclear how convenient this delivery method will be. Therefore, first the robots will be tested in the suburb of Kongsberg, before they are entrusted with a wider geography of delivery.

A similar device is in Germany, where it is called PostBot, and is being tested by the German postal service Deutsche Post. Something similar exists in the United States, but there autopilot delivery is carried out on college campuses. This means that we are getting closer to the futuristic environment of the future with strange devices plowing our roads. However, gradually they will become mundane and will cease to amaze. Is it true that then people will live? How is the long-awaited man with a “thick bag on a belt?”. Alas, the world is changing rapidly, and a number of professions seem to sink into oblivion.