Robert Wickens aims to return to the race

Robert Wickens aims to return to the race

March 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Friday, March 8, Robert Wickens returned to the pit lane of the IndyCar series – in a wheelchair and partially paralyzed, but hopeful one day, once again get behind the wheel of a racing car, reports Reuters.

Seven months ago, a Canadian pilot suffered injuries to his legs and spinal cord after a serious accident on a high-speed tri-oval in Pocono.

Wickens is now experiencing a period of realization at a Denver clinic. According to doctors, it is impossible to predict the pace of recovery after such an injury, but usually there is a 12-month window through which progress can be made. Wickens, who recently can again stand on his feet, albeit with help, hopes to return to the race.

“Autosport is all I know,” the Canadian smiles. – I do not want to work from nine to five somewhere else, I want to work hard behind the wheel of a racing car.

A lot of riders remember their success behind the wheel of a manually operated car, so I believe that I will race again, even if I can never fully recover. ”

Robert refuses to give in to his injury, but he realizes that hard work may not be enough for a full recovery.

“I do everything in my power, because this is my whole philosophy of life – a good result comes only after hard work,” said Wickens. – I don’t know if it’s true or not, but in the next ward a guy can lie with the same trauma that eats fast food and does not get out of bed, and he will recover faster than me.

Honestly, with regard to spinal cord injuries, everything is individual. You never know which of the series of days will be one after which you no longer progress. I hope he has not come yet. ”