Robert Schwartzman: We scored very important points for the championship

Robert Schwartzman: We scored very important points for the championship

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

SMP Racing participant Robert Schwartzman shared his impressions of the first Formula 3 race in Monza, in which he won after starting from eighth place.

“After a difficult qualification, we had a very good race, the mood was fighting,” the press service of SMP Racing quoted Schwarzman as saying. – We knew that in Monza it was possible to overtake, so the task was to drive quietly and overtake everyone we could. What we did – by the middle of the race I was already the second, right behind my partner. At the restart, I was afraid that some risks might arise, but everything went well.

After two laps, when it became possible to use DRS, I drove up to Marcus Armstrong. He decided to let me pass, apparently, to stay in a slip stream behind my car and use DRS himself. And I am very pleased that the car allowed me to keep my distance so that he could not attack me. At the end of the race, a safety car appeared on the highway due to an accident. Thank God, Alexander Peroni was not injured, because the accident was serious.

I am very glad that at the start from eighth place I managed to win and we scored points very important for the championship. On Sunday we have another race. It will be important to start well and score as many points as possible. ”

In the championship, Schwartzman increased his lead over his closest pursuer Jehan Daruwala to 35 points.