Robert Kubica: Let’s hope for the best

Robert Kubica: Let’s hope for the best

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In qualifying in Monza, Williams racers showed the 18th and 19th time, but tomorrow they will play several positions on the starting grid thanks to fines of rivals …

Dave Robson, chief racing engineer: “In the morning the weather improved, so the riders were able to work on a dry track in warm conditions. Since Friday sessions were declared rainy, all riders were allowed to keep one of the Friday tire sets in order to work with them in the third training session. We prepared for the qualification without any problems, both riders appreciated the new version of the settings, which we adjusted last night.

The first qualification session was interrupted by red flags, so we had to go on an extra try and drive a fast lap at the end of the session. Robert managed to drive it relatively easily and show his best time. Unfortunately for George, in front of him one of the rivals drove wide and brought some gravel to the track. As a result, he lost a lot of time and did not finish the circle. Fortunately, he drove well the first attempt and showed a good time at the beginning of the session.

Changeable conditions await us tomorrow, and this may give us a chance to take advantage of the start from higher positions after fines of rivals. ”

George Russell (18th): “I drove the first series of laps perfectly, but I’m not happy with the second attempt. At the exit of the fifth turn, one of the cars ahead drove along the gravel that hit the track, so I had no grip in the next turn. Nevertheless, the plus is that we are closer to the rest of the teams than expected, and I am pleased with the qualifications – we did a great job, using our potential to the maximum. ”

Robert Kubica (19th): “We knew that qualifications would be difficult for us, but everything is as it is. Before this session, the car behaved well, but then the balance completely changed, and it is unpleasant to see. We’ll see what the weather will be like tomorrow and hope for the best. ”