Robert Kubica is ready for the Australian Grand Prix

Robert Kubica is ready for the Australian Grand Prix

March 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The race in Melbourne will be the first stage in Formula 1 for Robert Kubica with the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. And although the results of Williams on the tests left much to be desired, Robert and his partner George Russell are ready for the first stage of the season.

Dave Robson, chief race engineer: “Melbourne is a fantastic place to host the first race of the new season. Nice to be in a warm climate after the winter tests in Europe. We are waiting for an exciting season, given the new regulations on aerodynamics. We hope that thanks to the changes the struggle will become more dense not only on the track, but also in the championship.

We in the Grove had to do a lot to prepare all the parts of the car, work out all the procedures and make sure that the riders had everything they needed to start the season. The first race is always interesting also because it makes it possible for the first time to evaluate the balance of forces.

If we talk about the track, it is quite unusual, hilly with a serious load on the brakes. Here the car must be well managed, and the racers must be in good physical shape. In addition, in Melbourne much depends on the aerodynamic efficiency of the machine, especially in the high-speed chicane eleventh and twelfth turns. The track provides an opportunity to test both cars and racers, but in Australia there are often unexpected results. Most importantly, we wish all the fans a great start to the season. ”

Robert Kubica “I’m waiting for a very emotional Grand Prix. I will debut in Formula 1 for the second time after many years spent outside the championship. My last race in Formula 1 was in Abu Dhabi in 2010, so I look forward to the stage in Australia, where I will have to learn a lot of new things. I hope to enjoy the weekend and I hope that everything goes smoothly, without serious problems, and I can concentrate on piloting and discover the new Formula 1.

It’s one thing to just fly a car, but it’s quite another to race. I believe that over the years the approach to the struggle has changed, so I will have to learn a lot, but I am ready for this. ”

George Russell: “I am very pleased with the upcoming stage in Melbourne. I’m waiting for the first race in Formula 1 – dreams come true. When I stand on the starting grid and prepare for the race, it will be an incredibly important moment – I am already looking forward to this experience. I will try to do everything so that I like it, so that I do not take what is happening as a matter of course, and get maximum pleasure.

I have never been to Australia before, so I would go there a little earlier to get used to another time zone, weather and explore the city before getting started on Tuesday. ”