Robert Kubica: Changing the balance took me by surprise

Robert Kubica: Changing the balance took me by surprise

April 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Robert Kubica showed the 18th time qualifying in Shanghai and complained about unexpected problems with over-steer …

Robert Kubica: “In the qualification of the balance of the car suddenly changed, which took me by surprise on the first series of circles. Then the balance improved a little, but still it was not the same as yesterday.

Need to find out the cause. Perhaps this is due to the conditions on the track. I constantly went first, and her condition improved, especially at the beginning of the qualification. It is important for us to deal with this problem, otherwise it is not known what to expect in the next series of circles.

There is a long race ahead. Let’s see what will be the handling of the machine. It is difficult to talk about expectations and build forecasts. Our car is very sensitive to everything, it lacks adhesion, therefore, naturally, we have more problems than others, especially if conditions change. ”