Roamer presented a motorhome based on Tesla Model S

Roamer presented a motorhome based on Tesla Model S

April 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A prototype of an all-electric motorhome will be unveiled next week in Michigan. The tourist vehicle is based on the American Tesla Model S sedan in the P90D version.

Guys, it was inevitable. The electric car revolution in the automotive industry is happening right now, and this also coincided with the global rebirth of camping. We know that electric crossovers, SUVs, and even pick-ups already exist, but as far as we can tell, this project will be the first motor home in the world.

As a basis for their project, the guys from Roamer took the American Tesla Model S electric car in the P90D version.

  This project is led by a man named Travis Rabenberg. Autohouse was called Tesla Roamer. Rear seats were removed from its structure to organize a small living space in which there is a pop-up roof, a bed, as well as running water for the sink and toilet. The Tesla Roamer has a solar panel built that can generate 1000 watts of power.

  Thanks to the P90D modification, the electrical installation of the mobile home can generate up to 691 hp. Provided that all your camping gear is properly stowed in the back, acceleration for the Tesla Roamer should be fast, to say the least. Mr. Rabenberg expects that his project will be able to reach speeds of 241 km / h, thus setting a new Guinness world record, as the fastest motor home.

  At the moment, we only have a couple of snapshots of the project, and next week a prototype of Tesla Roamer will be presented – the presentation will be held at a special event in Michigan dedicated to electric vehicles.