Rivian will collect electric SUVs for Ford and Lincoln

Rivian will collect electric SUVs for Ford and Lincoln

January 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Rivian will manufacture Ford or Lincoln electric SUV in its own factory

The few car companies that have yet to launch production of any vehicles have aroused the same interest and anticipation as Rivian, the ten-year-old prodigy of electric vehicles that has amassed a multi-billion dollar military chest from investors, including Ford and Amazon. New details have now surfaced about his plans to finally start production later this year at a former Mitsubishi plant in rural Illinois.

MotorTrend spoke with CEO and founder of Rivian R.J. Scaringe, who said the company plans to launch pilot cars in the third quarter, after which the full production of the R1T pickup and R1S three-row SUV will begin in December in about three months. But the big news is that Rivian will manufacture the Ford or Lincoln electric SUV in its own factory.

Scaringe told the publication that Ford is developing its own “cylinder” – essentially a body – for an elite luxury Rivian skateboarding SUV so that the blue oval electronics can be integrated with the Rivian system. We asked Ford for confirmation, but CEO Jim Hackett previously hinted that Rivian will be assembling its future co-electric car at the former Mitsubishi factory, bought in Normal, Illinois.

Rivian’s flexible skateboard platform combines electric motors, battery, controls and traditional suspension systems. Scaringe said Ford / Lincoln’s product design and engineering is ready to go, but he won’t confirm the timetable or brand he will exit, saying only that it is “an impressive product, to say the least.” It was previously reported that Lincoln will use the Rivian skateboard for an all-wheel drive luxury SUV, due in mid-2022.

MT also reports that Rivian will have a separate production line aimed at assembling a chassis for a skateboard, in conjunction with Ford and Amazon, which by 2024 ordered 100,000 Prime commercial vans from the company, in addition to the $ 700 million investment announced in February. The other line will be used to assemble the three different battery packs that Rivian will offer – including for Amazon for its main delivery vans – and send the finished packages directly to the skateboard line. Then there will be two final assembly lines — one for high-content Rivian and Ford products, and one for low-content Prime vans. There are many other interesting details about the Rivian plant preparation work that are worth reading.

Rivian has publicly announced four investment rounds, all in 2019, including $ 700 million from Amazon and $ 500 million from Ford. Both companies also participated in a $ 1.3 billion investment round announced last month led by T. Row Price.