Rivian will become Tesla’s neighbor in California

Rivian will become Tesla’s neighbor in California

June 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla’s most formidable rival leaves Michigan and travels to California.

An American startup and concurrently rival Tesla, Rivian, relocates most of its operations to Irwin, California. The company, which seeks to launch its Illinois plant in mid-2021, moved to southeastern Michigan a few years ago to be closer to the heart of the American automotive supply chain.

Current projects already underway in Plymouth, which include the upcoming Rivian R1T pickup truck, R1S SUV, and a number of Amazon Prime delivery vans, will be completed, but most of the future design and technical development work will be carried out in Irvine.

One of the sources close to the plant said that many employees at Rivian headquarters in Plymouth feel at ease because of the move, because they devoted much time to the company’s first batch of cars, which will be crowded out almost at the stage of preparation for production. Of course, Irwin is already home to Rivian batteries, car speakers, and customer service, but Michigan has so far been a center for design and engineering.

A spokesman for Rivian said the company “brings together some engineering teams in California to improve workflows and reduce the environmental impact of travel.” In addition, Rivian “recently completed its expansion in Michigan, and it will remain an important asset for the company.” According to a spokesperson, 750 of the 2,300 employees in the company work in Michigan, while 1,000 in Irvine.

In addition to electric model trucks Tesla, 4wd electric truck Rivian was perhaps the most talked-about electric car manufacturer on the planet in recent years. In addition to car manufacturing of electric powered trucks, the company hopes to license its comprehensive EV architecture to other car manufacturers.