Rivian rally car renderings appeared

Rivian rally car renderings appeared

October 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Rivian announced that it plans to release a rally car with incredible power. So, the founder and CEO of Rivian Robert Skaringe said that the company is already working on this type of machine.

According to him, the third car of the company will be built on a wheelbase less than the R1S SUV, and will be a rethinking of the rally car with high ground clearance.

It is worth mentioning that recently spy shots were published on the network, which depicted the body of a new Rivian car. It was difficult to see something in these photos, but many agreed that this is the body of the company’s new rally car.

 As a result, Rivian Forums specialists based on these photos developed several render images that showed what the first rally car of the American company might look like.