Rivian R1T electric pickup truck can tow up to 5 tons

Rivian R1T electric pickup truck can tow up to 5 tons

September 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Production of the Rivian R1T has been delayed until June due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the company is continuing to test an electric pickup truck.

One of their most recent jobs for the American company involved testing in hot weather in the southwestern United States, where battery cooling, cabin comfort in extreme conditions, and towing capability of the R1T were evaluated. For the latter, a team of specialists went to the section of Arizona Highway 68, known as the Davis Dam level, and tested the pickup’s ability to tow 5 tons.

As Rivian explained, the section of the road was “established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) as a standard for determining the allowable traction of a vehicle.” The 18.3 km trail starts at 168 meters in Bullhead City and climbs to over 1,067 meters. This is already a significant difference, but, in addition, the test requires that the ambient temperature at the base be at least 37.8 degrees Celsius.

To make sure the R1T delivers as promised, the team completed “multiple runs” towing a 9.1m trailer loaded up to 4,990kg. Since the company has no control over the weather, it was done under the “scorching desert sun” with a maximum temperature of around 47.8 degrees Celsius. Rivian also conducted trials in Death Valley, where a pickup truck was tasked with driving from Stovepipe Wells to Towne Pass in “near-record heat.” In addition to extreme temperatures, this is a vertical drop of about 150 meters with slopes up to 9.6%.

Despite this, the truck performed well and the team will use this data to “further improve the R1T’s systems and software for in-cab comfort, torque control, efficiency and range.”

Speaking of the latter, Rivian’s Vehicle Performance Manager said: “The problem with the range of benchmarking in the context of towing is that we are setting the benchmark. No one has ever built an EV that can tow any weight that the R1T can tow. The range will always vary depending on your load and external conditions such as wind and incline. When towing at full power, we see a reduction in range of about 50%. ”