Rivian electric cars will receive special Pirelli tires

Rivian electric cars will receive special Pirelli tires

November 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tires will be marked with Riv and Elec markers

The Italian tire corporation Pirelli has completed two years of work on the creation of special tires for electric vehicles of the new Rivian brand. As a result, a line of three models is presented, which are marked with the prefixes Riv and Elec to the name.

Actually, the features of any tires for electric vehicles should be low rolling resistance to ensure maximum range, as well as low noise level, since the noise from the tires cannot be masked by the roar of the internal combustion engine.

In the case of the Rivian, the tire industry also faced two demands that do not fit well with quietness and low rolling resistance. Namely: adaptability to off-road and the ability to “digest” the power of four electric motors, each of which rotates its own wheel. And this is 200 hp each. for each motor.

As a result, Pirelli offered Rivian customers not one, but three tires, adapting the existing models of the Scorpion family. The base Verde is just good with the greatest power reserve. At Zero, the emphasis is on grip on asphalt, and All Terrian, as you might guess, are designed for off-road.

Recall that the R1T pickup, which was supposed to become the firstborn of Rivian, will not start production at the end of this year due to the coronavirus, but next summer. But at the same time, production of the R1S SUV will begin, which, according to the original plan, was supposed to appear only at the end of 2021.