Rinspeed will launch a series of skateboard cars with a removable body

Rinspeed will launch a series of skateboard cars with a removable body

July 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Swiss company Rinspeed decided to start a startup called Snap Motion, which will launch a small-scale production of drone. For the software of the car will be responsible for a group of developers in the Silicon Valley, and all the equipment will be engaged in Central Europe.

As they say in the company, the need to launch a new company in Rinspeed was pondered after the success of the Snap prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show CES and the Geneva Motor Show. The head of the Swiss studio, Frank Rinderknecht, decided to turn Snap into a small fleet of production cars to prove that the concept of movement shown on this car is working.

Rinspeed Snap consists of two parts: a self-propelled platform, which the company calls a “skateboard”, and a capsule installed on top, which can be both passenger and cargo. This module is separated from the chassis, rising on special supports, and is able to function as a residential module or mobile office.

Such a car can be used as an unmanned taxi or carry loads, while the modular design and quick-detachable capsules make it easy to change its purpose, leaving the same chassis.

Snap Motion’s mission will be to realize all the capabilities of the prototype “in series” – to prepare all the mechanical and electrical components and software. Subsequently, the use of such machines is assumed throughout the world. When exactly they can appear on the roads, they do not specify in Rinspeed.

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