Rimac spoke about the capabilities of artificial intelligence in the hypercar C_Two

Rimac spoke about the capabilities of artificial intelligence in the hypercar C_Two

July 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to the developers of the electric Rimac C_Two, thanks to artificial intelligence, the hypercar will be able to independently analyze the current situation on the road and help drivers in managing their new car.

Rimac offers an amazing way for drivers to communicate with their cars. No, we are not talking about voice commands or various digital assistants, we are talking about a completely different way of interacting. Developed by Rimac’s autonomous driving division, “Driver Coach is essentially an artificial intelligence that analyzes a huge amount of data to maximize vehicle performance on the highway and tailor it for each specific driver.”

It is worth recalling that the Rimac C_Two boasts an incredible power of 1887 horsepower, and the car will spend less than 2 seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h. According to brand representatives, a hypercar “in inexperienced hands” can become a very dangerous toy. According to Sasha Vrazich, director of the Rimac autopilot team, “What we are creating is a system in which artificial intelligence plays a key role in teaching a driver how to work on racing tracks with maximum vehicle performance. “Not all of our customers are professional drivers, but we want them to really enjoy the car and at the same time it was a really safe ride.”

The system uses a supercomputer to analyze and store six terabytes of data collected every hour from nine airborne cameras, the LIDAR system, another radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors.

Specially developed algorithms will process the received data in order to ultimately select the most dynamic and suitable driving mode for the driver.

In addition, the system is able to respond to other vehicles and objects in real time, unlike cars with autonomous GPS-points, which are programmed in it initially. “Of course, we used professional drivers to help us make the work of artificial intelligence as perfect as possible,” Sasha tells us. In the end, he added that the new system will be mandatory installed on all Rimac C_Two hypercars.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the Rimac Scalatan or an incredible electric hypercar at 3,000 hp. An image of the Rimac Scalatan concept car appeared on the Internet, which can only appear in 2080. The machine will receive an all-electric motor with an incredible 3,000 hp