Rimac Scalatan or an incredible 3,000hp electric hypercar

Rimac Scalatan or an incredible 3,000hp electric hypercar

June 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An image of the Rimac Scalatan concept car appeared on the Internet, which can only appear in 2080. The machine will receive an all-electric motor with an incredible 3,000 horsepower.

If you thought that the upcoming Rimac C_Two electric hypercar is the most amazing and incredible car, are you mistaken? A couple of hours ago, on the web, an image of the Rimac Scalatan Vision 2080 concept car was published by the designer Maximilian Schneider. This car is really crazy!

Mr. Schneider created this “wild” concept as part of the recent Rimac Design Challenge, which was held on the social network Instagram. As part of this event, the Croatian automaker asked its fans to develop a concept for the future Rimac car for 2080. Scalatan was chosen as the winner, and it is easy to see why.

The “bold concept” is built on the 3D-Carboprinted titanium-graphite frame, which is incredibly durable and very lightweight at the same time.

Schneider imagined that the Scalatan uses an all-electric powertrain that can deliver at least 3,080 hp. power, which, combined with a weight of only 940 kg, will be enough for the current Rimac C_Two with its incredible 2000 hp turned out to be not powerful enough.

Another interesting aspect of the new Rimac Scalatan are tires that use carbon nanotube technology with memory, which means that they can change their tread and surface patch depending on the required grip at any given time. Moreover, they say that the wheels themselves are five times lighter than conventional wheels.

Designed for future use, the Rimac Scalatan Vision 2080 also includes advanced autonomous driving systems that can handle most driving tasks.