Rimac called erroneous information about allegedly sold out supercars Rimac C_Two

Rimac called erroneous information about allegedly sold out supercars Rimac C_Two

January 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Mate Rimatsu, founder of Rimac Automobilli, had to comment on Facebook a couple of days ago about a misunderstanding about the sales figures of his sensational hypercar.

According to the Croatian manufacturer, the 2000-horsepower C_Two hypercar does not complain about sales, despite the fact that the production version of the model has not yet been officially presented. At the same time, the hypercar is not yet sold out.

Recall that the media reported that Rimac sold its first hypercar. The confusion stemmed from an error in an article with the company’s head of sales that incorrectly claimed that the car had been sold.

Mate Rimac noted that hypercars are often sold out before they hit the conveyor belt. However, such excitement is often used by cars of famous brands, for example, Ferrari.

Rimac and its high-performance hypercar are new to everyone. So the desire of people to weigh the purchase decision is quite logical.
The brand gives potential buyers time to think, while helping to make the right choice. For example, organizing test drives. This is a complex process, as Rimac has only a few prototypes at its disposal, which may differ from the production car. At the same time, Mate Rimac is confident that the demand for a hypercar will be higher than the established limit of 150 units. In the meantime, the Croats continue to bring their car to perfection.

Meanwhile, the hydrogen hypercar Hyperion XP-1 was photographed during trials in Las Vegas. On one tank, the novelty is able to overcome about 1,635 kilometers. At the same time, refueling will take only a few minutes.