Rimac built its own production for its electric hypercar

Rimac built its own production for its electric hypercar

June 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Rimac Automobili has completed the construction of a new production line, which will be the birthplace of the production version of the C_Two electric hypercar.

The new production line is located at the company’s newly opened plant in Veliko Trgovišć, Croatia, which allows Rimac to accelerate the production of C_Two prototypes, which are necessary for the worldwide homologation process.

Rimac will now be able to prototype C_Two in about five weeks, halving production time. When fully loaded, the production line will allow the construction of four production samples in one month.

To date, the company has built four early prototypes, but the homologation process requires the production of another 13 test cars, and then another 10 production cars. Croatian hypercar manufacturer EV expects that most of them will be released this year.

Rimac also says that the first production samples of the C_Two electric hypercar will be delivered in 2021. The company was about to unveil the final name and design of the electric hypercar at the canceled Geneva Motor Show, but because of the pandemic, plans moved to the end of the year.

“While some cars will go straight from the production line to crash tests, others will be used for various validation tests,” said Mate Rimak, founder and CEO of the company. “Only a few prototypes will not be broken during this program. As we scale up production of prototypes, this new line is an absolutely necessary investment to streamline the process, and it will help us when we begin to supply cars for customers next year.